Thursday, 2 May 2013

Completed drawings

Whilst home for Easter I completed all of my drawings that I wish to put into the book. From the start I have said about putting these onto tracing paper and I have been asking different printers whether they are able to print on tracing paper so it can be included in the book to start with. But after doing this I have not been successful in finding any where that will print on tracing paper, so my other option is to print it onto acetate. This is still a perfectly good option and gets my personal touch in the book just do not think it will have the same effect. As well as this I am going to have to get the book printed with a black page and cut out this page and stick the acetate in myself, which is another obstacle I am going to face, like how am I going to cut it and make sure it is the right size? Will it ruin the page if I cut it? What am I going to use to stick it in with? 
These few things I am going to think about and research to see what will work best for the outcome of this book. I am hoping that this isn't going to cause a problem for the finally result of my book. I will get it them printed onto acetate though so one I have them to add into the books and then I will be able to have a play around with different materials to get them stuck in.

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