Thursday, 2 May 2013

Putting together and printing

After much research and going to many printers about publishing my work and talking to them about my tracings. I decided to get my book made by Apple. Now owning a mac book I was able use the iPhoto to create my own outcome and still have it stored if I wish to change and re print the book. I decided on using Apple as I have used them before for previous printed products and I know that their printing and paper is of a good quality. I found it very easy setting my book out on the computer once I had all my images edited and It was simple to add or delete pages where ever I needed to.

A screenshot of the Apple iPhoto screen. There was so many option to create an individual piece of work, from design of front cover, hard, soft or wire bound books, it really was easy to create.

My only problems with doing it on this was, one I had only a selection of fonts that I could use and was unable to added any new ones, this was ok as I  had a smaller selection to choose from, however some of the others I had looked at on Dafont website would of been more suitable. Secondly, I had problem with the front cover, I had already designed and edited it in Photoshop but I wasn't sure once I had put it on whether it looked right with the white where the title was. I over came both of these by asking friends opinions and about what they thought look right and what appealed to them.

Whilst I was out shopping one day I found a lovely poem about memories on a plaque, it was so beautiful and really stood out at me so I decided to use it within my book to start it of with something to make you think about your own memories you have, even if you haven't given any in this book. You can create your own still life image in you head.

Before sending off to be printed I had to come up with a title for the book. It took a few weeks of thinking and looking at different memory quotes for the title 'Unnoticed Imprints' to pop into my head. I feel this is a good choice as you don't often think about memories until something triggers them, and then the are imprinted in your mind but never forgotten.

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