Thursday, 2 May 2013

Receiving book and final touches

A week after sending my book of to be printed by Apple I received it through the post. I had two copies print for now so that if something went wrong with one I had the other as back up, if not I had a copy for myself. I am easily able to print it off again as it is saved on my own person computer so would be not problem if necessary and because I have still got just over two weeks till hand in I am will have plenty of time. 

As you can see I created the front cover using some of the portraits that I didn't use in my book, I chose to use the side profile images in the book and decided that they should be facing out of the book with the memory behind them. This is because unless you are really asked about a memory or a are provoked by a location or object you don't think about it 24/7 and is stored at the back of your mind, this is how I came to place my images. 

So with getting a plain white page in between to potentially add in the acetate, I was very reluctant to cut them out as I didn't want to ruin what had been printed. It took me a few hours to sit and mark out how much I was going to cut off. But I had thought about the process for a while not and had brought some strong double sided tape. Using a guillotine to make sure it was straight I cut the pages out and stuck the acetate in and to cove it, I put a strip of white paper overt he top. It took me a while to do as I was nervous about getting them perfect, with only a few hiccups of sticking them down when it got to the last few I had completed the book. 

It had been delivered in a cardboard cover with the Apple logo on, but to make it suitable for hand in I made my own little logo/cover. 

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