Thursday, 2 May 2013

Week 9

Well it has got to the last few photoshoots of my project and I have been sourcing the final obscure or hard to find objects. It has been quite an obstacle to overcome when doing these shoots. I've been having to contact different places for locations and calling on friends and family and even my place of work for certain things to help me out and make the still life images work. This next week I would really like to get the most of these still life shoots done, I know there are a few I can not do till the week after but I would like to get the majority done now so that I have plenty of time to set out the design and layout and make it coherent and get it sent off early enough so I am able to make any changes if there is something wrong or that I don't like. 

I Have also been looking through all of my images and I did a couple of still life ones in the studio and I don't think they will work with all the others that I have done on location so I am planning on re shooting them in this week, even though they are more fashion photography (as you can see below). I am glad that I am able to re shoot these and make them consistent with the other images that I have done. 

I am very close to getting everything finished and putting the book together, this week I am also going to finalise my research on printing the drawings and where to get the book printed. I am very excited and nervous for this to be coming to an end, but can not wait to see the end outcome.

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