Thursday, 2 May 2013

Messing Around with Portraits

To the left and below you can see all the different angles I took for the portraits. This was important to do so I could decide which one was the perfect way to choose to have next to the still life. I feel that the front view would be too simple and not as affective as say the side view. Having some obscure will make people stop and look at it and think, why? Why is it that way? Especially in the case if I chose the image of the back of the head. But to make sure there is continuity I am going to have to keep them all the same throughout the book. I had thought about having the portraits turning as they go through the book, so one front the next facing left then back and the right side, however I think this would mean too much would be going on and not make much sense to the reader.
Lastly I got got each person to pull a funny face this was just incase I felt like I wanted to put a page in the back that was funny, on the other hand this could ruin the style of the book so I may re consider.

I have now collected all of my portraits so it is just the still life mages that I need to finish. It is finally all coming together and is very exciting. Once I have everything I can make final decisions like which images to put where as well as title and contents page.  

With all my portraits I have left the make up to be natural, I didn't want it to create too much off a feature when I am trying to portray the ages and generations of the the people within the images. I makes it clearer to see the differences in the different portraits as well. 

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