Monday, 29 April 2013

Photoshop and editing

Now that I have some images for the first few chapters I am able to to do some editing on Adobe Photoshop. So for one of the first memories I was given the description of the person sitting with their legs over the side of an arm chair. This original images where on my last blog, below you can see how I have edited them to create the effect of just the legs over the side. I am going to put this in my draft to show Chris next week, I have also started shooting and collecting some portraits. 

As you can see I have used layer and erased the body so that just the legs can be seen. I still need to edit it slightly as I think the lighting is too dark. However, I think I may need to reshoot as the composition isn't quite right, especially with the other chair on the right hand side. But from this I have learnt new skills on Photoshop and how easy it is to use and create really good effects for my images. As well as this it has started me of with improving my photography skills with using the camera and tripod and setting up the location with natural lighting.

Below are the first portraits that I have shot. From all my research I think it would be best to have them all in black and white and to have the shoulders bare as this give no character to the person in the portrait. The black and white also adds a brilliant effect. I am going to keep playing around and editing images to see what works best alongside the the still life images.

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