Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Week 8

After another week of working hard and getting shoots done and re shooting images and I think these photos really work and are going to be more consistent and I will be able to use this style of work in all of the images. Re creating my images was hard work, especially finding a O2 cylinder or something that resembled it. So after a few phone calls to hospitals and doctors in the area, I had no luck with borrowing on. Luckily working in Food and Beverages, I was able to use one of the gas cylinders that is used for the draught beers. Now this is completed to the level at which I think will work and since editing it I now have to make all my other still life images in the same style. For Chris to have a closer look at the images and help with the colour balance he has asked me to send him the still life images that I have done so far.

This is my changed image from the previous shoot. I have added in lots of strange objects that were mentioned in the letter I was given. I have also got a better natural light setting as the previous image was too dark.

I also re shot the the portrait so it didn't have a shadow on the backdrop. However, now that I have done this and shown them to Chris again, we discussed and about the different varieties if positions that the person could be in. I need to continue experimenting with this. I will carry doing the portraits but for each person I will take photos of them from the front, each side and the back as well as with their eyes shut, this also gives me images to play with and sort. The thing that is working well is that these images are going to be the continuity within the book, they all need to be the same and all facing the same way. 

What I need to achieve this week is basically the editing and what I want the final outcome to look like. I need to start design and planning what I would like on the front cover and make a decision about the font I want to use. I feel that this will come when I have all my image together, it will just tie in and pull everything together. But to get an idea and feel I am going to go to the library and research books and look at the layouts to see what would work for me and just to get a better understanding. Along with this I need to experiment with my images a bit more changing colours and trying out different black and white styles. 

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