Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Week 7

For this weeks meeting with Chris I had a few tasks set to complete to show him. He suggested that for this week I have at least one shoot done, but after doing my first shoot during the week I was really inspired and managed to get together another shoot done as well. So I have completed two images for Chris to look at, as well as one full chapter for one memory, which includes my still life, portrait, drawing and scanned image of the writing I was given.

So to start off I was really pleased with how the three shoots went and like I said it really pushed me to get other shoots done during the week and work myself so I would have something to show in this meeting. To get the effects that I wanted I edited all the images on Adobe Photoshop, I wanted to show this to Chris to get his opinion as I tried to create a blur to and change the colours to make the photo look slightly older, to create a feeling of the past. On showing these to Chris he was impressed with the amount that I had done and liked the setting, however he wanted to read the memories as he thought there could be more in the image to make the viewer think about the photo and why things had been put in the image. I totally agreed with what he was saying and with the research that I had done it was true, all the imagery I had looked at had random objects and compositions that could work well with ideas and key words that I had selected from the letters. For the arm chair image we discussed about putting gravy and yorkshire puddings, as well as trying to source an O2 cylinder. I really had my work cut out to create these images and find the right objects to introduce into the still life images. 
With my mock up of my first chapter done it seemed to be heading in the right direction, my layout was working well but I had trouble with printing on tracing paper so had to hand draw it for the mean time to show what I wanted to create. One of the things that was picked up on was the shadow in the portraits, it didn't look right. 

In the next week I am going to have to re shoot these, even though I was pleased with what I had done it is good having constructive criticism as it will help to make my work the best it can be. This week has pushed me to get on with everything and I feel excited to see it coming together. We also have to present to our tutors next week on all the work that we have done, this will be once again helpful to speak to Chris once I have changed the images that I have done. My only worry is trying to finding this O2 cylinder, I am going to have to phone hospitals and doctors to see if they can lead me one for the a couple of hours if it was allowed to use.

To the left is the image of the other shoot I did. I have copied the image and slightly moved it so it gives it more of a ripple. I have many different angles and and with eyes open and closed so I have a selection I can choose from if I need to change it.

Also below I have added images of the mock up chapter that I showed to Chris.

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